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lunch menu

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cheddar puffers, pretzel rolls, house butter   6
meatballs, polenta   12
chicken wings, spicy honey mustard   11
smoked trout dip, potato chips   12


kale, pecorino, anchovy dressing*, breadcrumb   12
cauliflower, golden raisin, scallion, white balsamic   11
gem, carrot, cashew, cucumber, goat cheese, golden goddess dressing   13


jw chicken, salsa verde   21
gnocchi, buttered radish, mirliton, soubise, greens   24
steak* salad, tortilla, roasted pepper, goat cheese, avocado crema   19
shrimp, polenta, conecuh sausage, greens, pecorino   18
crispy trout, seasonal greens, chipotle buttermilk dressing   23
bacon cheese burger*, pickled onion, smoked tomato, special sauce   18
croque madame, bechamel, fried egg, seasonal greens   17
chef's choice pizza   18


jw potatoes, rosemary   
greens, tomatoes, red pepper   
carrots, peas, za'atar, honey   

Kindly understand that this menu is a sample,
and changes with ingredient availability and the chef's creative inspiration.

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