dinner menu

to begin

marinated olives, focaccia   6
bruschetta, ricotta, pepper jam, wasabi sprout   12
crispy shrimp, togarashi aioli   16
beef tartare*, egg yolk, caper, shallot, pickle, chervil   14
meatballs, polenta, pecorino   12
clams, tomato harissa broth, sourdough   15
smoked trout dip, potato chips   12


kale, pecorino, anchovy dressing*, breadcrumb   13
shaved cauliflower, pistachios, golden raisins, scallions   11
gem, carrot, cashew, cucumber, queso fresco, golden goddess dressing   13


jw chicken, salsa verde   23
gnocchi, buttered radish, mirliton, soubise, greens   24
ny strip*, romesco, scallion   28
pork chop, mustard seed jus, romanesco   25
duck confit, green papaya, avocado, cabbage, aleppo   25
market fish, nopal pico de gallo, polenta crisps   28
trout, guanciale, white bean, cured lemon   23
rack of lamb* for two, mint chimichurri, roasted garlic hummus, fregola   75


jw potatoes, rosemary   8
greens, tomatoes, red pepper   8
broccolini, chimirojo   8
carrots, peas, za'atar, honey   8

Kindly understand that this menu is a sample,
and changes with ingredient availability and the chef's creative inspiration.

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